5 Really Bad Stains On Your Carpet….

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Can Get Rid of Them All!

coffee splashing out of cupThere are many things that can make marks and leave residue on your carpets. Some are worse than others though. Not to worry, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane can get rid of all of them! When these stains happen, the best thing you can do is try remove as much of them ASAP while they are fresh. Sometimes though, the best people to contact is us!

The 5 worst things that will stain your carpet

Vomit, Urine and Excrement is probably the most offensive (to your nose) thing that will stain your carpets. Vomit, urine and faeces from a human or animal not only stain and soak in to the carpet, but the odour is awful. It is vital to try and clean up as much of this as you can at the time it happens. If the urine is from an animal, it is even more important, as the animal will keep returning to that spot if not removed thoroughly. This is the one type of stain that will most likely require a deep clean to remove all traces.

Blood can be tricky as it absorbs into the carpet quickly and leaves a dark-coloured stain. This is especially noticeable on pale carpet. After you have taken care of where the blood originally came from, you should get to this one quickly while it is still fresh. a mix of detergent and water and blotting should get rid of the worst of it.

Coffee can leave a permanent dark/yellowish stain and because it is liquid, can spread quite far. Mop up as much as possible. You can use vinegar and water to dilute it and help lift the stain.

Cordial/Wine/Juice won’t only stain your carpet and discolour it, but will leave a sticky residue. If you can get to it quick, water and blotting up the liquid should get rid of the worst of it, but this is another one that could need our particular stain-removing formula.

Now we’ve covered the worst things you can spill on your carpet. If you ever feel that it’s a job best left to the professionals, don’t hesistate to give the Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane team a call!

Tips For Getting New Carpet Installed

Tips For Getting New Carpet Installed

three carpets different coloursReally Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane has been cleaning and revitalising carpets in the greater Brisbane area for a long time. Sometimes it’s carpet that has been around for years and is being maintained as much as possible. Other times, it’s a brand new carpet installation where the clients want it kept as new-looking as possible.

Getting new carpet installed is a big thing and a major investment in the value of your house. For those who are considering replacing old carpet or covering up tiles or wooden floorboards; here is a lightweight guide to point you in the right direction.

Earlier in the week, we did a blog post about the types of carpet available to choose from. This post will be following on and covering what to look for in carpet and things to consider when buying and getting carpet installed.

Carpet Specifications

When looking at different styles of carpet, a common theme will be a list of key specifications of that carpet. Here is what they mean.

Density – the thickness of each fibre in the carpet and how close together they are. The higher the density, the thicker and more durable the carpet.

Grading – carpets are ranked according to specifications by the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme. The higher the grading (up to 6 stars), the better quality. There are also different colours and grades depending on if the carpet is for residential use, or commercial use.

Price per metre – some carpets are priced by the square metre, while others are priced by a broadloom metre (1 metre x 3.6 metres) which is something to keep in mind with overall cost.

Underlay – is the padding that goes between the existing floor and the carpet. Sometimes as part of a deal, this is included in the final cost, other times it is an added extra.


It is very important to get at least 2, ideally 3 quotes for the cost of installation. Depending on the company, some might tend to over-estimate the amount of carpet required. There is also the chance of incorrect measurements that would be picked up with a different measurement and quote. While it is definitely better to have too much than not enough, you want wastage to be as minimal as possible. Make sure you also get an itemised list of costs for installation rather than just an overall price. You can then compared what each company will and will not do regarding installation.


Obviously, the better quality of the carpet, the more durable it is and the longer it will stay looking good. Having the carpet vacuumed and cleaned regularly will ensure it’s longevity, as well as mopping up spills and stains as soon as they occur.

We hope this has given you some insight into installation and what to look for when going down this path.


Which Type of Carpet Will Suit Your Home?

Which Type of Carpet Will Suit Your Home?

carpetSo you’ve decided to replace your old, tired carpet with a new look, or you’re wanting to cover up floorboards for a softer touch. But what type of carpet should you go for?

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are here to give you a quick rundown of some options available.



  • Is the most common carpet fibre available
  • Resistant to wear, and mould/mildew
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in a wide range of styles and colours to suit any decor
  • Wide price range to suit every budget


  • Soft and thick for a luxury feel
  • Wide range of colour and pile length
  • Not as wear-resistant as nylon carpet


  • One of the more expensive options
  • Natural, sustainable fibre
  • Wide range of colours
  • Soft, thick and durable


  • Usually mixed with other fibres to give a more expensive feel without the price tag
  • Durable against wear/mould/mildew

These are the most common options available on the market at this time.  There’s nothing like new carpet to give your home a facelift and add comfort and style. As always, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is here to keep your carpets looking newer for longer, so contact us now for great deals!

Brisbane Heat vs Perth Scorchers Tonight at the Gabba!!!

A Cricket Match Not to Be Missed!

When you think of summer sports, cricket is usually the first one that comes to mind! The Big Bash League is a quick, entertaining & colourful match to view of a night time!

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, go check out our home team, Brisbane Heat play against the Perth Scorchers at the Gabba. Both these team are in the top 3 at the moment, so this will be a match worth watching! If you’re unable to go, then you can view it live on tv from the comfort of your living room.

Event info can be found here. The team at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane hope you have a fantastic and safe weekend!




What To Do if Your Carpet Gets Flooded

What To Do if Your Carpet Gets Flooded

wet carpet vacuumIt has happened to all of us at some stage. The washing machine overflows, a tap gets left on or a storm hits. In a house full of carpet, you should know what to do if it gets saturated by water. When carpets get wet and are left to dry on their own, it can lead to mould, mildew and rotting of the underlay. Here is a quick checklist of steps to take to help prevent the need to replace carpets after an event.


  • Turn off the source of the water, if applicable.
  • Move all furniture off the carpet to prevent it getting damaged as well
  • Avoid walking on the carpet as much as possible
  • Get as much water out, using whatever you can to absorb it such as towels, a Wet & Dry vacuum
  • Open windows, turn on fans, anything you can to get air circulating and speed up the drying process
  • Lift the carpet up in place to help dry out the underlay as this is what will go mouldy first
  • Call in the team from Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane to give your carpets a thorough clean and dry

It’s Weekend O’Clock!

It’s Weekend O’Clock!

weekend memeIt’s the weekend, everybody!! From the team at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, have a great one! Don’t forget to stay cool in this hot weather!

5 Days of Daily Discounts #5

5 Days of Daily Discounts #5

wine being poured Today is the last day of the 5 Days of Daily Discounts from Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane! As it’s the last day, we figured we’d save the biggest deal for last!

Today only, get a whopping 15% off any service you require! Carpet, pest, upholstery, tiles…whatever you need cleaned, we will do it.

Book in with us now with the code XMASDEAL5! And sit back, relax with a wine and let us get your house in shape for the holidays!

7 Tips To Relieve Christmas Cleaning Stress

7 Tips To Relieve Christmas Cleaning Stress

decorations christmas tree

Ah, Christmas! We usually love this time of year, however with the joy and sharing can come the stress of hosting, cleaning, travelling and organising. Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane has listed some tips below to help prepare for the day with minimal fuss.
  1. Declutter and get rid of unnecessary items now instead of leaving it to the last minute. This will help make space for incoming items
  2. Stock up on cleaning items you may need, such as sponges, rubbish bags, a new mop
  3. Use paper plates and plastic utensils to cut down on the amount of dishwashing to do later
  4. Pre-cook what you can a couple of days before Christmas Day and store correctly for the next day
  5. Have garbage bags ready to put discarded present wrapping in as soon as presents are opened
  6. Buy as much food and drink as possible the weeks before Christmas and cut down on last minute shopping stress
  7. Give Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane a call and get ready for a fresh new year!

Carpets vs. Tiles – Advantages and Disadvantages

CarpetCarpets vs Tiles

When you are finding a place to live, either renting or buying; sometimes a preference is given to a house that is fully tiled, or fully carpeted. Some factors includes if you have children and/or animals that are more likely to make a mess on the ground, or you are an older person and prefer the softness of carpet rather than hard tiles. The reasons are many and varied.

If you aren’t sure which one you would prefer for your lifestyle, we have made a short list that may help make that decision a bit easier.

Carpet Advantages

– Absorbs noise, especially two-story dwellings

– Traps dust and dirt which can be vacuumed out

– Soft underfoot, particularly in winter


Carpet Disadvantages

 – Can stain easily

– Can be costly to clean

– Higher chance of wearing out in high traffic areas


Tiles Advantages

– Strong and durable

– Easy to clean

– Ideal in wet areas and high traffic areas


Tiles Disadvantages

 – Grout can become discoloured and hard to clean

– Can chip or crack

– Cold underfoot, particularly in winter

– Can be slippery in wet conditions


If you decide that carpet is the way to go, the team here at Carpet Cleaning Brisbane will be all you need to keep your carpets in top condition!

Crazy weather we’re having!

news headline stormsCrazy Weather we’re having!

Wow, aren’t we getting some spectacular storms around Brisbane at the moment!

As much as we need the rain, don’t forget that storms can be very dangerous as well. Gusty winds blowing tree branches around, roads flooding quickly and lightning are all very real hazards to avoid.


  • Always take care and find shelter if you get caught in the rain
  • Never try and drive through flooded waters
  • Keep your pets inside so they don’t get frightened and run away
  • Listen the radio or look on the internet/TV for dangerous storm warnings so you can be prepared if a storm hits.

Reading the news is a great way to keep informed, here is a link from news.com.au with some current information on what to expect and be aware of.

Stay safe!