Sand vs. Carpet

Summer is right around the corner, and guess what that means? BEACH TIME!

With those fun beach trips, sand is on its way into your household. Your carpet won’t be able to cope with the sand that comes into your house.

Did you know that your carpets deteriorate with sand? Well, they cannot handle the piercing and sharp particles because they rip up the fibers of your carpet.
So the question now is,  how do you get the sand out of the carpet?  Other than, vacuuming vigorously and tiring yourself out the only other way is to give Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning a call.

So give us a call today for a free quote.

Tips for a great road trip

Tips for a great road trip

Ozzies love the outdoors and we love to drive. What better way to get around the country than in an old school combi van? This is the perfect time of year for a road trip. School holidays aren’t here yet, so there is no mad traffic on the roads. Plus its a great time of year for weather, not too hot or not too cold.

When we plan a road trip, it’s always good to use a road trip planner. It makes the journey so much easier to plan and get around this wonderful country of ours.

It’s always a good idea to pack some tinned food and cooler box full of ice. You never know when you may be stuck and not able to get back to civilization.

The rest is best left to be found and experienced by yourself. Too much planning can kill any road trip and take the excitement out of it.

bad weather for brisbane and storm warning

Wild weather for Brisbane and Storm Warning

wild weather brisbane

Please be careful guys, the weather in Brisbane has been very crazy lately. And there are more storms on the way.

Please have a look here for more info.

The Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Team


Summer is coming..

With summer round the corner we highly recommend you get your home as clean as possible before the heat hits!
The heat attracts a lot of insects including ants, so take the time to give everything a good wipe down.