Brisbane’s Number 1

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning are number one. Here’s why.

Affordable Cleaning

We are the most affordable carpet cleaner in Brisbane. Check our rates against the competition and see that it’s true. We service the whole Brisbane area, so no matter where you live you can count on us to come and do a fantastic job on your carpets. We offer an industry leading 7 day bond back guarantee on our cleans (if purchased). For your records, we provide a full QLD certified invoice when you utilise our services.

We are recommended by a range of local real estate agents as the end of lease carpet cleaners because we do a great job every time, even getting rid of those stubborn stains you thought would never come out!

Our customer service is renowned for its quality too. From the booking stage through to the end of the job, we treat you like the valued customer you are. We arrive punctually and get the job done in the specified time frame so you’re not inconvenienced.

Our Services

We don’t just offer carpet cleaning, we’re actually a one-stop-shop for end of lease cleaning services or just cleaning services in general. We also offer pest control, mattress cleaning, bond cleaning, spring cleaning, tile cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Any cleaning job in your home is no challenge for us. Talk to us about bundling multiple services together for extra value.

If you’d like to know what our customers think about us, look us up on Google and check out the reviews section. Our customers praise us for delivering quality services every time. You won’t be calling us back to repeat the job because we get it done properly the first time every time.

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning – we really are number one. Call us today!

Revitalise Your Carpets

Here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning, we are renowned for our awesome work and great service.

Our Services

Our friendly teams get the job done quickly, and you pay the best price possible for a fantastic job. We get the job done in a timely manner with no fuss. Just give us a call and we will sort out your carpet cleaning worries with ease (not to mention that we also offer pest control, tile cleaning, mattress cleaning, spring cleaning, bond cleaning, and upholstery cleaning). We do it all here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning.

You’d be surprised at how much better we can make your carpet look with one quick clean. We can revitalise your carpet and turn dirty brown to white. Even wine and coffee stains you thought were permanent can be eliminated. No matter where you live in Brisbane, we can come to you. We’re just a call away!

About Us

We offer an industry leading 7 day bond back guarantee on all our carpet cleans (if purchased). And if you’re after an invoice, that’s no problem. We supply a QLD certified invoice with all our jobs. Another good thing to know is that we are an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified carpet cleaner. That means we provide a high standard of cleaning on a consistent basis. If you have a baby or pets and are concerned about their wellbeing, don’t stress – our products are baby and pet friendly. What’s more, we deodorise our carpets so they smell brand new again (or better!). When you book Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning, you will notice that we arrive punctually and take the right amount of time to do the job (unless the job is bigger than quoted for). Here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we hope you have found some good reasons to call us, and that you enjoyed this blog entry. Stay tuned!

One-Stop Solution

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning offers you the best carpet cleaning in Brisbane, for the best price. You can have your cake and eat it too, thanks to us! And if you spill any on the carpet, that’s ok, we’ll come to the rescue.

The Most Thorough

You might think because we’re the cheapest we might not do a good job – but you’d be mistaken. Our carpet cleans stand tall above our competition in terms of thoroughness. We can also remove most stains like wine, coffee, mud, etc., even stains that you think are permanent. You’d be surprised at how your carpet can look like new again with one clean from Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning.

Our Service

Our professional service is certified by the IICRC, and is baby and pet friendly. Our staff are also very professional and reliable, and offer the best service available, time after time. We guarantee a high standard of quality every time. We also deodorise the carpet so it doesn’t only look great but smells great too!

We are so confident that you will be happy with our service that we offer an industry leading 7 day bond back guarantee (if purchased). So if it’s the end of your lease and you need to make sure your carpet is perfect, call us!

We don’t just offer carpet cleaning, but also upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, spring cleaning, pest control, bond cleaning, and tile cleaning.

Dirty carpets can be a health hazard and lead to respiratory problems so it’s a good idea to get your carpets cleaned on a regular basis – we recommend getting it done once every six months or so. If you’re looking for a great carpet clean, you’ve come to the right place – we will take care of you. Really cheap carpet cleaning – your one stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

Hefty Stains

When it comes to heavy stains, there’s someone you should turn to – Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning.

We Get Your Carpets Clean

With Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning, you get the best cleaning money can buy. When your carpets are looking tired or have suffered some bad stains like red wine of coffee, you know you can count on us to get it looking like new again. It doesn’t matter what kind of stains you have, whether they’re food stains or dirt from your dog’s paws – Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning can deal with it!

We do Bond Cleaning Too

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning doesn’t just deal with carpets as our name might suggest – we also do bond cleaning, tile cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and pest control. If it’s the end of your lease, this is an especially good time to get in touch with us – we can give you a package deal on multiple services.

Our bond cleaners are well known for their high standard of work and how thorough they are. Our customers can rely on us to get their bond money back. If you’re moving house, it’s a great idea to get bond cleaners so you can focus on moving and trust the professionals to get the cleaning done properly.

Other Services

If you have tiles, you’d be amazed at how clean we can get them with our professional equipment. Your home will look and feel amazing after we’ve cleaned your upholstery and mattresses. Got cats? Fleas are no problem for us – we can get rid of them just like that!

So no matter what your cleaning problem is, whether it’s carpet stains or whether you’re in need of a bond clean, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning is here for you to turn to. We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog! Stay tuned.

Who do You Call for Cleaning?

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning is your one stop shop for carpet cleaning, bond cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning.

What can We Clean?

You need look no further if it’s cleaning you’re after. Whether it’s just a dirty carpet you need taken care of, or a whole house that needs cleaning, we’ve got you covered.

Happy Customers

Our customers agree we are the best and also have the best prices in town! We have a track record of getting the job done properly the first time around. Picky property managers have given us their stamp of approval, so if it’s bond cleaning you’re after, you will get your bond money back!

Our customers have been surprised at how we can remove stains from carpets that they thought would never come out! That’s the benefit of getting professional cleaning done with professional equipment.

As far as tile cleaning goes, you’ll be amazed at how new they look after we’ve been to clean them. Sometimes even old tiles can look like new when they get professionally cleaned.

You need not throw that old mattress out – getting it cleaned by us will have it looking and smelling like new again! The same goes for your sofas and lounge chairs. We can remove most stains with the utmost of ease.

Whether you have a big house or a small house, it doesn’t matter – we can get it cleaned on the strictest of budgets. Check out our Google reviews to see what our happy customers have to say about us.

Just Like New

You’ll even be surprised by how we can get old worn and flat carpets looking fresh and fluffy. If you choose our bond cleaning, you’ll probably see that your house can be cleaner than you imagined possible!

So no matter what you want cleaned, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning is your go-to service for all your cleaning needs.

Don’t You Hate it when That Happens

Owning a carpet isn’t always a thrill – let’s face it, there are a lot of bad things that can happen every day to your prized carpets, especially if you have pets or children. No matter what you do to try to protect your carpet and home, there are always things that can happen that make them look and smell less than ideal. Cleaning carpets isn’t exactly easy, so sometimes it’s best left to the professionals, especially if you lead a busy life. Here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning, we thought we’d take a look at the issue.

Bad Things that can Happen

In a world of dirt, a carpet is often the victim. Anything can happen to it any day. Here are some examples of the annoying misfortunes of your beloved carpets:

  • Mud being trodden in on dirty shoes
  • Pet dog relieving itself (despite your best efforts to house train it)
  • Cats coughing up hairballs (why do they do this??)
  • Cats scratching carpet (and somehow the scratch post is left pristine)
  • Wine being spilt (that one time when you think it will be fine to enjoy a wine with your dinner in the living room)
  • Coffee being spilt
  • Food being spilt
  • Flea infestation
  • Dust mite infestation

What is the Solution?

Whatever happens to your carpets, don’t worry! We have the solution. We can get your carpets looking like new again with a good steam clean. We can remove stains not only from your carpet, but from your upholstery and mattresses as well. We can also get rid of any nasty pets with our pest control service.

If you’re using our services, you might as well get your tiles professionally cleaned as well. We also offer spring-cleaning.

Whatever happens to your beautiful home, we have the service to put it right.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for an obligation free quote to see how we can help you! You won’t regret it.

When Should You Call a Carpet Cleaner

If you have carpets in your home, you’re going to need to get them cleaned from time to time. You might be wondering how often you need to get this done.

How Do They Get So Dirty?

You might not notice your carpets getting dirty if they are darkly coloured, but if you have light carpets, you will certainly notice straight away when they get dirty.

Every time someone walks into the house, they bring with them dirt from outside. You might have a no-shoes-inside rule, which will definitely reduce the amount of wear and tear your carpets receive, but it won’t stop the dirt altogether.

People tend to have sweaty socks, so the moisture and oil from their feet can get into the carpet. If you have a pet, your carpets are going to get dirty much quicker, especially if your dog is allowed inside.

Carpets also wear from the friction of being walked on. You may notice that the entry to your house tends to have flat, worn carpet. This is because it’s the most used part of the carpet in your house.

Time to Call Us

Carpets should be professionally steam cleaned once every six months or so, and definitely at the end of the lease if you’re living in a rented property and want to get your bond money back.

Regular cleaning will increase the life of your carpets. It’s definitely worth looking after your carpets rather than forking out large amounts of money for new carpets.

If you get your carpets professionally cleaned, another perk is that they look and smell great! Your home environment will be a lot nicer with clean carpets.

If you have small children, having clean carpets is a must, as they spend plenty of play time on the floor. You don’t want them picking up any nasties from the carpet.

If it’s time for you to get your carpet cleaned, give us a call today!

Here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning, we hope you’ve enjoyed this blog.