Carpets vs. Tiles – Advantages and Disadvantages

CarpetCarpets vs Tiles

When you are finding a place to live, either renting or buying; sometimes a preference is given to a house that is fully tiled, or fully carpeted. Some factors includes if you have children and/or animals that are more likely to make a mess on the ground, or you are an older person and prefer the softness of carpet rather than hard tiles. The reasons are many and varied.

If you aren’t sure which one you would prefer for your lifestyle, we have made a short list that may help make that decision a bit easier.

Carpet Advantages

– Absorbs noise, especially two-story dwellings

– Traps dust and dirt which can be vacuumed out

– Soft underfoot, particularly in winter


Carpet Disadvantages

 – Can stain easily

– Can be costly to clean

– Higher chance of wearing out in high traffic areas


Tiles Advantages

– Strong and durable

– Easy to clean

– Ideal in wet areas and high traffic areas


Tiles Disadvantages

 – Grout can become discoloured and hard to clean

– Can chip or crack

– Cold underfoot, particularly in winter

– Can be slippery in wet conditions


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Summer is coming..

With summer round the corner we highly recommend you get your home as clean as possible before the heat hits!
The heat attracts a lot of insects including ants, so take the time to give everything a good wipe down.

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About Us

We offer an industry leading 7 day bond back guarantee on all our carpet cleans (if purchased). And if you’re after an invoice, that’s no problem. We supply a QLD certified invoice with all our jobs. Another good thing to know is that we are an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified carpet cleaner. That means we provide a high standard of cleaning on a consistent basis. If you have a baby or pets and are concerned about their wellbeing, don’t stress – our products are baby and pet friendly. What’s more, we deodorise our carpets so they smell brand new again (or better!). When you book Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning, you will notice that we arrive punctually and take the right amount of time to do the job (unless the job is bigger than quoted for). Here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we hope you have found some good reasons to call us, and that you enjoyed this blog entry. Stay tuned!